Warner Bros releasing special poster artwork editions of sci-fi films

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Sci-fi favourites such as 2001, THX-1138, Inception and Ready Player One are getting new Blu-ray releases with posh artwork.

Now these look rather swanky. Warner Bros is releasing a new line of Blu-rays this December under the banner of ‘Special Poster Edition’, with the theme being new, really stylish artwork for each of the films in the collection.

The Blu-rays within the sets are as previously published, but each of the films now comes with artwork promoting the movie’s location as a potential holiday destination.

There’s a mix of some of the artwork at the bottom of this post. Here’s a list of titles though as there’s too many for us to post all the pictures for. Click through to preorder and see the art for each of these…

Blade Runner: The Final Cut Special Poster Edition

2001: A Space Odyssey Special Poster Edition

THX-1138 Special Poster Edition

AI: Artificial Intelligence Special Poster Edition

Logan’s Run Special Poster Edition

Forbidden Planet Special Poster Edition

Interstellar Special Poster Edition

Inception Special Poster Edition

Ready Player One Special Poster Edition

The Matrix Special Poster Edition

Gravity Special Poster Edition

Live Die Repeat: Edge Of Tomorrow Special Poster Edition

Cloud Atlas Special Poster Edition

Pacific Rim Special Poster Edition

A Clockwork Orange Special Poster Edition

Mad Max: Fury Road

(This site does get a tiny benefit if you click through this links, we should declare. It might buy us a jar of half-decent instant coffee).

Here’s a selection of that artwork…









All of the discs are available to order now. Pricing appears to be £9.99 for the Blu-rays. More as we hear it.

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