Wednesday season 2 | Expect ‘more horror’ says Jenna Ortega

Jenna Ortega Wednesday season 2
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Title star Jenna Ortega has talked about Wednesday season 2, which will contain ‘a little bit more horror’, she says.

Awards ceremony red carpets are a prime hunting ground for roving entertainment reporters, given that you can reliably collar a celebrity as they’re flustered and in a bit of a rush. Such is the case with Jenna Ortega, who was briefly interviewed by the snappily-named E! at the Emmys earlier this week.

When asked about the second season of Wednesday, the Addams Family spin-off series streamed by Netflix, Ortega said she’d received some scripts, and that “we’re definitely leaning into more horror.”

Elsewhere, Ortega added that the second series will be “bigger,” “more action-packed,” filled with “really good one liners” and that “each episode will probably feel a little bit like a movie, which is nice.”

Indeed it is. Wednesday’s first season, which premiered in November 2022, was no slouch when it came to horror – it contained a gigantic, murderous Hyde monster, after all – so it’ll be intriguing to see just how gruesome the next series becomes.

Wednesday was a breakout success for Ortega, with her deadpan performance the perfect match for the series’ Harry Potter-meets-Addams Family, Gothic comedy stylings. With half of the eight-episode run directed by the none-more-goth director Tim Burton, and scored by long-time collaborator Danny Elfman, the series looked and sounded the part, too.

Wednesday season two is due to begin filming in April this year, with production shifting from season one’s Romania to Ireland. The show has proven to be such a success for Netflix that the firm has also commissioned a spin-off, which will see Fred Armisen reprise his role as the gleefully criminal Uncle Fester. It’s in early development, though, so it’ll probably be a while before we hear much on that score.

In other Wednesday news, the entire first season will be available on DVD and Blu-ray from the 25th March.

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