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Wednesday Uncle Fester
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Netflix is looking for ways to expand the universe of hit drama Wednesday, which reportedly involves developing a spin-off featuring Uncle Fester.

The Addams Family has been a perennial presence on the big and small screen since Charles Addams’ comics were adapted into the original television show in 1964.

Since then, there have been reunion television films and animated series, but the franchise arguably hit its peak in the 1990s with the release of feature films The Addams Family and it’s arguably even better sequel Addams Family Values.

Very few people talk about Addams Family Reunion which, although it features a scenery chewing turn from Tim Curry, failed to make an impact, much like The New Addams Family, the television series which followed soon after, which is only really worth watching for the episode where John Astin, the original Gomez, returns as Grandpapa Addams.

There followed a long period of silence, which was broken in 2019 with the release of an animated Addams Family film. The sequel was released in 2021.

Wednesday aimed to bring The Addams Family into the twenty first century. 2022 was already a huge year for star Jenna Ortega, which saw the release of the fifth entry in the Scream franchise and Ti West’s acclaimed horror X.

The show follows the sullen teenager as she attempts to fit in a Nevermore Academy. It mixed teen tropes with the aesthetic of Tim Burton, who directed several episodes as well as being an executive producer, while Christina Ricci, who memorably played Wednesday in the theatrical films, appears as botany teacher Marilyn Thornhill 

One of the most intriguing things about the show is how it gradually incorporates elements of the Addams mythology. Sentient hand Thing is a major part of the show and Gomez, Morticia and Pugsley make appearances, played by Luis Guzman, Catherine Zeta Jones and Isaac Ordonez respectively, one of the big surprises was the inclusion of Uncle Fester, played by Fred Armisen.

According to Variety, Netflix is developing a spin off around Uncle Fester. We don’t yet know who might act as showrunner. Alfred Gough and Miles Millar are the showrunners of Wednesday, is has not been confirmed if they will be involved.

Production of Wednesday season two will move from Romania to Ireland, and is scheduled to start shooting in April 2024.

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