Steven Spielberg’s Bullitt at scripting stage

The original Bullitt
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Steven Spielberg is still planning a remake of Bullitt, and the screenplay is underway. More on the story here:

Like us, you’re probably very intrigued by the thought of Steven Spielberg moving back into action thriller territory, which is where Bullitt, the proposed reimagining of Steve McQueen’s 1968 cop thriller, seems to be heading.

The legendary director hasn’t really tackled anything of this ilk since that wonderful period in the naughts when he released Catch Me If You Can, War Of The Worlds and Minority Report.

We’ve heard that the project isn’t a straight-up remake, so at this early stage we’re not quite sure what to expect, though it seems logical that Spielberg and his collaborators will be returning to the source novel Bullitt drew from – Robert L Fish’s Mute Witness. We do know that Bradley Cooper has signed on to play the title role though, and thanks to Kristie Macosko Krieger, one of the film’s producers, we’ve now gleaned a little more about which stage the project is at.

“I’m producing it,” Krieger told Games Radar+ (via Total Film) recently, adding, “Steven [Spielberg] and Josh Singer, who is writing the script, they are working on the story. I hope we have a script soon as the writers’ strike put us behind a bit.”

It might be a while before this one goes in front of cameras, then, but it is happening. “They are working on it – I couldn’t tell you if it’s the next movie we are making as I don’t know at this point. I think that it will be a wildly entertaining film,” added Krieger.

It likely won’t be the next film for Bradley Cooper, who has a project with Will Arnett titled Is This Thing On? that was confirmed during the strike period in the summer. He’s said to be directing that one, not to mention the recently announced Cold War spy flick, Best of Enemies, which co-stars Christian Bale and may be another directorial outing for Cooper.

We’ll bring you more updates on Spielberg’s Bullitt as and when we hear them.

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