White Men Can’t Jump remake casts one half of its leading duo

White Men Can't Jump
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The new White Men Can’t Jump film inches closer to production with the casting of what was once Woody Harrelson’s role now in the bag.

Plans to remake the 1992 comedy drama White Men Can’t Jump have been floating round for a while now, but the project has just taken another significant step forwards with the announcement that one half of the leading duo is now cast.

Grammy-nominated rapper Jack Harlow will be taking on the role played by Woody Harrelson in the original film, who presumably will still not be able to jump (that’s not a spoiler folks, it’s right there in the title). Harlow’s casting follows the news last month that a director had been hired to finally push film towards production. Calmatic, the outstanding music video director, will be picking up the reins on the remake, although no firm timeline has yet been announced for the film’s release.

Getting into that 1990s space shouldn’t be too tricky for the director, as he’ll be moving onto White Men Can’t Jump immediately following his directorial debut, a remake of another 90s favourite – House Party. Although we should point out that neither film has been confirmed to actually be set during that era. House Party was filming back in August so we’d imagine that Calmatic will soon be able to turn his attention to White Men Can’t Jump. 

The original 1992 White Men Can’t Jump featured Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson as basketball street hustlers trying to catch a break, and the duo’s chemistry went over so well with audiences that they teamed up once more in 1995 to make the buddy cop comedy, Money Train (a film that once had the biggest movie sets of all time).

All attention will now turn to the casting of the Snipes role and call us crazy, but we’ve got an idea here. Calmatic cut his teeth directing music videos such as Lil Nas X’s Old Town Road. Nas in turn featured Jack Harlow in his wonderful prison breakout music video for Industry Baby. As Harlow and Nas already have onscreen chemistry, plus they’re both rappers and the planned film’s director came from a music video background, could it be that Lil Nas X is going to be announced as the other lead?

No matter who plays the other part, or what decade the remake is set in, chemistry between the film’s two leads will once again be key for the film to measure up to its title. We’ll bring you more news on this one as we hear it.


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