Winnie The Pooh: Blood And Honey 3 is officially happening

Winnie the Pooh Horror
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If you’re desperate for more homicidal childhood favourites, you’re in luck. Winnie The Pooh: Blood And Honey 3 is heading our way. 

Winnie The Pooh: Blood And Honey turned out to be a surprise hit for Jagged Edge Productions, who wasted no time in getting a sequel into production

We also recently reported that the team behind Blood And Honey are also making their own Avengers-style team-up movie, appropriately titled Poohniverse: Monsters Assemble

Well, that’s not all. Variety has now confirmed that Winnie The Pooh: Blood And Honey 3 is officially happening. That’s right, get ready for your childhood favourites to commit more grisly murders on the big screen. 

The first film featured an adult Christopher Robin head back into the Hundred Acre Wood, only to find his childhood companions turned into maniacal murderers who have eaten one of their own. The film was made for a measly budget of $50,000 but went on to gross over $5m at the global box office, thanks to a strong word of mouth and in the face of some abysmal reviews. 

Winnie The Pooh: Blood And Honey 2 has just premiered in the US and according to IMDb, also in the UK – although we’re having trouble finding any showtimes for it. 

Variety mentions in their article that the first sequel had a much bigger budget than the first film, and it looks like the third film in the surprise franchise will aim even higher. 

The outlet also confirmed that we would meet more family favourite characters, such as Rabbit, heffalumps and the woozles. There’s no release date for Blood And Honey 3, but Poohniverse is heading into cinemas in 2025. Considering Blood And Honey 2 debuted only a year after the first film, we suspect we won’t have to wait long for the third instalment. 

More on Winnie The Pooh: Blood And Honey 3 as we hear it. 

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