Yorgos Lanthimos set to pair with Emma Stone once again

Yorgos Lanthimos and Emma Stone on the set of Poor Things
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Emma Stone and Yorgos Lanthimos are planning to continue their creative partnership for a remake of the Korean film Save The Green Planet, according to reports.

It looks like Yorgos Lanthimos will be continuing his ongoing professional relationship with Emma Stone, extending it to five feature films in a row (not to mention a series of short films he made that also starred the actor). According to Hollywood scooper Daniel Richtman, Lanthimos has been targeted by CJ Entertainment to direct a remake of the South Korean film, Save The Green Planet. Stone is apparently in negotiations to star in the project.

According to World of Reel, the original film’s director, Jang Joon-hwan, was supposed to helm the English-language remake with Ari Aster and Lars Knudsen producing. The outlet stops short of confirming Richtman’s claims, instead placing this one under the category of rumour.

Should it prove to be true, it will continue a creative partnership which has begun to define an important phase of both Lanthimos and Stone’s career. Their first collaboration, 2018’s The Favourite, won both Lanthimos and Stone plenty of plaudits, and although general audiences have yet to see Poor Things (on the set of which they’re pictured above), the buzz for the film is strong, with it being one of the most praised films to emerge from this year’s festival circuit.

Then there’s AND, a film we know little about. That one stars Stone alongside Jesse Plemons and is currently in post-production along with what Lanthimos has referred to as a ‘simpler’ untitled film shot in Greece. That project is as yet untitled and also stars Stone.

That brings us back to the present then, and the duo possibly reuniting for Save The Green Planet. Here’s the synopsis for the film:

‘When a radicalised conspiracy theorist kidnaps the CEO of a powerful biomedical company – believing she’s an alien – he is pulled into a situation that spirals out of control and, ultimately, becomes the undoing of human civilisation.’

We’ll let you know if and when the rumours are confirmed, but given that the duo clearly enjoy working together, we’d more surprised if this proved to be untrue.

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