Zac Efron set to star in Ti West’s Night Business

Ti West
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Zac Efron is following The Iron Claw with a new Ti West movie, based on the graphic novel Night Business. More on the film here.

It looks like we may have lost Ti West to the 1980s – at least for a while longer – if a recent report from Daniel Richtman is true.

Richtman is claiming that West’s next film will be Night Business, a 1980s set trashy thriller based on the graphic novel of the same name. The X and Pearl director has recently completed MaXXXine, the third film in his era-hopping horror series. MaXXXine releases in July and is also partly about a serial killer at large in 1980s Los Angeles.

While Ti West has publicly stated that another film in that series could yet happen, his next project looks more likely to be Night Business. Here’s the synopsis, as picked up by World Of Reel:

‘In this 1980s-trash-culture homage where a knife-wielding killer is on the loose, committing extreme acts of violence on exotic dancers. Only one man has a will powerful enough to stop this psychopath: Johnny Timothy. But can Johnny mete out his vengeance before more innocent victims have to die? A nasty brew of power, passion, vigilantes, and dangerous men raining street justice down upon their enemies.’

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The original graphic novel is said to be rather provocative, and looks like the sort of material that West could work his own style on. Nathaniel Halpern – the writer of the excellent Legion TV series – has written the script, and Zac Efron, star of the recent wrestling drama The Iron Claw is set to star in the film.

No other casting has yet been announced for the project. No production dates have been made public either although we do know that it will be an A24 film. Given his acclaimed dramatic turn in The Iron Claw, it’s good to see Efron build on that momentum by seeking out edgy projects like this one.

We’ll bring you more on Night Business as we hear it.

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