Podcast | In conversation with Eric Roth – Killers Of The Flower Moon, The Insider, AI, writing, Airport movies and more

Eric Roth
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Oscar-winning screenwriter Eric Roth is the guest in a very special episode of the Film Stories podcast: more here.

A very warm welcome to the Film Stories podcast to screenwriter (and producer!) Eric Roth. He joins Simon for a conversation that goes right back through his career: from working on a hit Airport movie, to thinking he picked the wrong ending for the thriller Suspect.

Things turned in the 1990s though with the success of Forrest Gump, and Roth reflects on that, as well as touching on films such as Michael Mann’s masterpiece, The Insider. We come right up to date too with Killers Of The Flower Moon, writing for Cher, his thoughts on AI, and his upcoming project that reunites him with Robert Zemeckis – someone else we’ve spoken to on the Film Stories Podcast.

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