Podcast | Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire with director and co-writer Gil Kenan

Ghostbuster: Frozen Empire
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Gil Kenan returns to the Film Stories podcast, to talk about directing Ghostbusters\: Frozen Empire and a whole lot more.

In a special episode of the Film Stories podcast, director and co-writer Gil Kenan joins to talk about his latest movie, Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire.

He tells Simon about being one of four people to direct a Ghostbusters movie, and the one moment where it hit him how monumental that was. Plus, how filming got underway one year before release, the practicalities of puppets, and some of the career challenges that led to this moment too.

Plus, reflections on Kenan’s own story, and what got him to this point in time…

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire is now in cinemas.

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