Podcast | The Beekeeper (2024) and more, with director David Ayer

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David Ayer joins us for a podcast special as we talk The Beekeeper, Jason Statham, action cinema and, surprisingly, musicals.

In a brand new special episode of Film Stories, writer/producer/director David Ayer joins Simon for a chat. It’s Ayer’s new film The Beekeeper that’s their prime focus: an old school action film with some honey in it as well.

It’s a tonal shift for Ayer, and also a rare film that he’s directed but not written himself. As well as talking about that, a few words too on the media ecosystem following David Ayer’s Suicide Squad experiences, and he opens up about the films that he’s really keen to make next. Quite surprising choices…

The Beekeeper lands in UK cinemas on January 12th.

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