Jordan Peele’s next film to shoot in summer 2024

Jordan Peele directing Get Out
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The delayed (and typically mysterious) film from Jorden Peele looks like it will be shooting this summer ahead of a 2025 release.

Just a few weeks ago, we covered the report that Jordan Peele’s next film wouldn’t be making its planned Christmas 2024 release date. Production schedules going haywire after months and months of strikes meant that the project didn’t begin production as planned and, as a result, couldn’t make that planned release date.

It was something of a wrench to have next Christmas ruined, despite only having just entering 2024, but if being a film fan over these past few years has taught us anything, it’s to roll with the punches. Happily, World of Reel has popped up with the news that Peele’s project has now reappeared on production schedules and is set to film this summer.

That doesn’t seem like too much of a delay, all things considered, so we’re hopeful that Peele’s next film will be with us by spring of 2025 at the latest, especially if the movie wants to edge into awards contention. (You’ll recall that Peele took home the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for his debut film, 2017’s Get Out).

When it comes to the film itself, we know exactly zero about it, which is the way that the secretive filmmaker likes to operate. It’s probably going to be some time before we hear anything concrete on this one, although we have heard (predictable) rumours that Steven Yeun and Daniel Kaluuya could feature.

As for Peele, if he now has a gap in his schedule then we’re sure he’s making good use of it. Perhaps he’s finally getting things moving on The People Under The Stairs remake that he’s said to be producing (which finally got a writer as of late last year). Or maybe he can make some inroads on that weird video game (at least we think/hope it’s a video game) collaboration with Hideo Kojima. Either way, we’ll let you know as we hear more.

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