Podcast: The Insider (1999) and Layer Cake (2004)

The Insider
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In this episode of Film Stories with Simon Brew, a hugely risky studio movie, and a bit of a breakthrough role for Daniel Craig.

The Insider, from Michael Mann, was telling a story about a piece of modern history just years old when the movie was made. As such, there was a huge risk of litigation, and whichever studio took the movie on was opening itself to huge risks, with no obvious box office upside. Incredibly, Disney said yes.

Matthew Vaughn meanwhile had come to prominence producing Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch, that Guy Ritchie had directed. A trip to a football match unlocked the path to a new project, Layer Cake, that he’d planned for Ritchie to direct too. But when Ritchie said no? Vaughn swiftly moved to plan B…

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