Podcast: Top Gun: Maverick (2022) and Greatest Days (2023)

Top Gun Maverick
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Two summer movies in the latest Film Stories podcast – Top Gun: Maverick and Greatest Days – one of which enjoyed a bit more luck than the other…

It’s a pair of summer movies in this episode of Film Stories, both of which were affected by the pandemic, one of which would fare a lot better than the other.

The journey to 2022’s Top Gun: Maverick was over a decade long, a sequel that stopped and started more than once. Tom Cruise eventually agreed to make the film though, with filming underway in 2018: yet circumstances would mean it’d be many years before audiences could clap their eyes on it.

The idea of doing a movie based around the music of Take That looked to be a strong one, and Greatest Days was all set to film in 2020. Yet when the movie had to put the brakes on, it took away most of the lead cast too – and it’d all have to be put back together two years’ later. Even then, the weather gods were not with it…

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