Little Monsters review: Lupita Nyong’o stars in new zombie film

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It’s available now on Sky Cinema and a few screens around the UK – we’ve checked out zombie flick Little Monsters.

At 93 minutes long, Little Monsters is in possession of a golden running time. True, there’s no link between quality and running time; some longer films may fly by, with shorter films instead dragging. Thankfully Little Monsters is a 90-something-minute gem. There feels something brave, or foolish, about making a rom zom com after Shaun Of The Dead made the mould 15 years ago and did such a classic job of it. But with this film, writer-director Abe Forsythe brings fresh brains to proceedings and shows there’s still life to be had when it comes to films about the undead.

There are two main reasons the film works so well. First and foremost, there’s the concept. A washed-up musician (Alexander England) volunteers to assist on his kindergarten-aged nephew’s school trip to a farm, mainly because it’s a chance to get closer to the compelling Miss Caroline (Nyong’o). Then a zombie outbreak happens. The film that follows is sardonic, dry, slapstick, profane, gory and a whole lot of fun. It’s a fine Venn diagram of good humour and bad taste.

Then there’s Nyong’o herself. It should be no surprise to hear that she provides a good performance here – that’s just what she does. Perhaps it’s the film’s timing, coming out nine months on from her haunting anchoring appearance in Jordan Peele’s Us – there’s a real contrast in terms of her work. She’s really captivating, but for completely different reasons. Here she is radiant; dressed in a bright yellow sundress, she is the epitome of brightness. She’s a burst of hope in the form of a bright and chirpy kindergarten teacher who is also a very able zombie-killing machine, doing all she can to guard her flock. It has all the makings of an excellent Halloween movie (albeit released in November).

Maybe not enough to make it a future classic, but certainly a solid staple. Low stakes with minimal jump scares but a whole lot of gore, packed full of laughs and excellent performances. A treat with just the right amount of trick.

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