Every legally bought title we know of that Flixster UK users are about to lose access to

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Flixster UK users – if you’ve bought any of the below titles, you’re about to lose them from your library.

This December, the Flixster UK service closes its doors, leaving those who have a legally bought library of digital movies required to individually move their films from the service to Google Play. However, there are already problems.

Flixster’s guidance has insisted that “There may be instances where a video in your Flixster Video collection is listed as unavailable for migration to Google Play.  There are several possible reasons for this, including licensing issues with the applicable content provider, the expiration of certain content rights, and that Google Play does not support television content in certain countries.  We have worked hard to ensure that as many Flixster Video titles as possible are available for migration, but unfortunately a relatively small number of titles will not be available”.

However, as we discovered with our own library, 12 out of 148 titles weren’t available. That’s a bit more than “there may be instances”. That’s nearly 10% of our digital collection. You can read more about all of that here.

UPDATE: Most of the titles on this list have now been migrated, at last. We’ll keep this list going for the handful that haven’t gone across. Look in the comments if you want a flavour of the titles that weren’t available previously!

What we thought would be useful, then, was to tally the films that users aren’t allowed to migrate. At the time of writing, these will just be lost, with Flixster/Google Play not be default offering any compensation or replacement. We’ve also added if the title is actually available on the Google Play Store too in the UK. As you’ll see

Titles Flixster won’t let you migrate, in spite of being available on Google Play Store (UK, although let us know if this is affecting the US too).

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter
Doctor Who: Day Of The Doctor
Doctor Who series 7
John Bishop Live
Peaky Blinders

Titles you can’t migrate that aren’t on the Google Play Store

Ghostbusters Extended Cut
Spiderman 2.1
Spiderman 3 HE version

If you’ve come across titles that won’t migrate, please let us know in the comments or by Tweeting @filmstoriespod, and we’ll add them to the list, along with any official Flixster customer support we receive.

Thanks to Sean Galloghly and Simon Columb for their help in compiling this list.

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