An end of year letter to the readers of Film Stories

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A few end of year words of appreciation to you all, as well as details of what we’ll (not) be doing over the end of year break.

Dear the wonderful readers of, listeners to, and supporters of Film Stories,

Well, where do you start?

We (finally) come to the end of 2020, a year that’s tested pretty much every person reading this in lots of new way. And not very fun ones. Particularly when there’s so much else going on in the world, thank you so much for supporting Film Stories during that time.


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Whether this is the first piece you’ve read, or you’ve bought our magazines/chatted to us on social media/been to one of our live events/listened to our podcast, it’s truly appreciated. Thank you. There’s so much else you can do with your time, and it always remains a very pleasant surprise that people would want to support what we’ve been trying to do.

Still, I’ve always tried to be honest and transparent when it comes to Film Stories, and it’s little secret that the whole project was facing a turning point in September of this year. Our magazine had threatened to finally break even at the start of the year, and suddenly – like many others – we were plunged right the way back at square one, and fighting to make ends up. I hadn’t planned to go back to Kickstarter to help keep our publications running, but that seemed like the last option available and I’ll never forget how many of you came through.

From the people who put money in to those who spread the word: thank you. I won’t forget that so many of you had our back. I don’t take it for granted either, and try as best I can to pay it forward. Over 150 people have got their first paid writing break via the magazines so far, and that’s all down to people like your good self.

As we get to the end of 2020, it’s still all way too hand to mouth for my sleep patterns of course. My firm target is to get the magazines to break even by this time next year, and thanks to your support, they’re going to keep going all the way through 2021 and hopefully a long way beyond. You’ve given me a fighting chance through your kindness.

But enough about me. This is about you. This is my note of thanks.

Honestly, I couldn’t have done this without you. Sounds all soppy and hyperbole-y granted, but I do mean it. The early morning coffee club on the Film Stories Twitter feed, the messages of support that landed just when my head was on the verge of despair, those who have spread the word. Just people who have said hello. It’s quite a lonely existence trying to bring all this to life, and the support I’ve had? Well, it’s made an old nerd really tear up at times.

It’s time for just a little break, though.

Just in terms of Film Stories over the next week or two. The small team here is taken the opportunity for a rest. Budgets remain tight, and thus I can’t afford to bring in someone to cover while we try and reboot a bit (I’m the only person allowed to work for free on Film Stories – it’s a firm rule that everybody else gets paid, and nobody has to work for – nnghhh – ‘exposure’). As such, this website will get only sporadic updates between now and Monday January 4th.

The podcast too is having a little break. A special episode will go up just over Christmas, but the weekly podcast will now return in January.

In print, the next issue of Film Stories will take a little longer: that’s due on January 21st. Film Stories Junior issue 6 is arriving in February.

I’d also like to take this chance to extend my huge thanks to the small team behind the scenes who make Film Stories in its many forms possible.

To these awesome people, who have been fighting its corner: thank you. A lot.

They are – and I’m bound to have missed someone out: Dan, John, Rachel, Laura, Irene, Hedda, Charlotte, Clare, Eddie, Jen and the Webscribe team, Julie at Bayliss, Em, Brendon, Mark H, SuperJane, Susie, Sarah, Kevin J, David at the Mac, Duncan, Mark K, Mike, Ryan and loads of other people (I’ve not even touched on the many brilliant people who write for Film Stories, but please know I hugely value you all).

But for now, the most important thing is you. Please be well, please stay safe. Please make the best you can of the end of the year break, and I hope you get some time for you. You’re awesome.

The very best to you all. And one last time: thank you.

Simon Brew
Editor, chief coffee drinker
Film Stories

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