British movie podcast of the week: Seen The Sequel

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Each week, we recommend a British movie podcast that we reckon is worth your time: this week, it’s Seen The Sequel.

In a  cinematic landscape full of sequels to existing properties, it’s hard to believe that some movies exist solely in a singular adventure, with no Hollywood-mandated return to that world. Is this some weird alternate universe? No, there actually are films that have no sequels. Some truly excellent ones, too!

Seen The Sequel? is the podcast that theorises what those sequels could have been, and pitches them to the ‘studio’. Only the best, most interesting and commercially viable sequels will get ‘studio’ approval. From classic movies they believe should have had a sequel, to those classic that should never, to more contemporary cinema; Seen The Sequel? asks the questions Hollywood didn’t seem to want to (or maybe they just didn’t have the great ideas these guys do?)

Hosts James Curry (aka Host Curry), Al Taylor, Joe Palmer and John Robertson used to hang out in their local video shop and now all work in the entertainment industry. They’ve spent many a Friday evening pub session chatting about potential sequels for random movies, and as we’ve discovered, the pub is the natural conception ground for a great podcast.

The golden rule of Seen The Sequel? is that although the hosts know what film they’re pitching the sequel to, they never discuss their sequel ideas with each other beforehand. They don’t just pitch a brief synopsis and leave it at that either. Seen The Sequel?’s pitches include cast, crew, marketing campaigns, music, cameos and merchandise. No other podcast could create a fully-formed movie in 30 minutes! Their collective experience in film, music and videogames definitely comes in handy, as does the years of friendship in their natural chemistry.

Episodes are recorded live and aren’t cut later; everything that happens occurs in real time, which makes for often hilarious one-liners and some truly brilliant and bizarre ideas for sequels. The recommended episode being a perfect example. No spoilers, but it involves The Rock, The Rock and The Rock.

You’ll want to see the sequels of Seen The Sequel? Listen to the podcast first, though.

Recommended episode: Episode 3 – The Rock (1996) – (15 June 2020) – 

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