Mental Health & Wellbeing Matters: writing things down

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A few words on a simple way to manage things in a small way on a day to day basis: might work, might not…

Hello, and a very warm welcome to Mental Health & Wellbeing Matters, the little bit of the Film Stories site where stop for a few moments to chat about things that may be affecting you, or people around you. No magic wands, nothing particularly special. Just a recognition that life really can be tough, and a chance to have a little natter about it.

And this is very much a small thing we want to chat about this time. It’s actually something that I very much practice, and I do appreciate it’s not for everyone: but just writing something down. If something nice happens, I try to make a note of it. If something horrible happens, I try to – as I’ve written on this site before – externalise it by writing it down.

I don’t save all the stuff I’ve written down – particularly the grumpy stuff – but the act of getting it out of my head and onto a screen/document/piece of paper feels like an important one.

I guess I walk the line between keeping a diary, which I’ve neither the commitment nor desire to do, and finding a way to acknowledge what’s been going on. Like many, I struggle enormously with giving myself credit for things that have gone right, and I’ve turned the deflection of compliments into an Olympic event. But I am trying to give myself perspective on stuff, and the very, very occasional pat on the back.

Writing things down helps. It also forces me to stop.

I can’t write things on my phone walking down a street or anything like that. I need to put myself in front of a keyboard, or get a pad of paper out, or my beloved Kevin Costner notebook (this actually exists). I have to come to a halt, even for just a few seconds.

I don’t often take time to reflect on what I’ve written, and perhaps I should. But the process alone helps me. Hopefully, it might help some of you too.

As always, feel free to use the comments to have a natter. We’re all humans here really, even if it doesn’t always come across that way!

You all stay safe, take care, and this column will return next week.

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