Nosferatu | Robert Eggers’ vampire horror gets a Christmas 2024 release date in the US

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Robert Eggers’ Nosferatu will hit US cinemas on the 25th December, but the film currently has no UK date. 

Nosferatu is going head to head with Sonic The Hedgehog 3 and Barry Jenkins’ Mufasa for the battle of the Christmas box office with a Christmas Day 2024 release date as reported by Deadline. That’s one heck of a triple bill, but one we are very excited for. 

There’s no UK release date currently set for Nosferatu. Both Mufasa and Sonic 3 are in cinemas on 20th December in both US and UK so we can only hope that Nosferatu would also appear on the coveted 26th December release date as UK cinemas will be firmly closed on Christmas Day. We fear the film might get pushed to early 2025 though, but we’re trying to stay positive. 

“The audacious filmmaking of Robert Eggers is always a gift for fans, and we can promise that his Nosferatu is planning quite the Christmas feast,” said Peter Kujawski, the Chairman of Focus Features, which is distributing the film in the US.

Nosferatu will star Lily-Rose Depp, Nicholas Hoult, Emma Corrin, Willem Dafoe and Bill Skarsgård as Count Orlok, the vampire who courts Depp’s damsel, who will most certainly be in distress at some point in the film. 

This has been somewhat of a passion project for Eggers, who originally envisioned Nosferatu to be his second feature after The Witch.

Eggers’ film will be the second remake of the iconic 1922 silent film Nosferatu: A Symphony Of Horror. That film, directed by FW Murnau was an unofficial adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, which has had its fair share of adaptations. 

Eggers recently chatted with Empire magazine about his vampire film, classifying it officially as a horror. “It’s a scary film. It’s a horror movie. It’s a Gothic horror movie. And I do think that there hasn’t been an old-school Gothic movie that’s actually scary in a while. And I think that the majority of audiences will find this one to be the case.”

Eggers also had this to say about Skarsgård’s performance: “I’ll say that Bill has so transformed, I’m fearful that he might not get the credit that he deserves because he’s just… he’s not there.”

With that Christmas 2024 release date, we’re now officially classing Nosferatu as a Christmas film. We’ll keep you updated on news about Nosferatu’s UK release date. 

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