Quiz Answers: 10th November 2023 (Make Mine Marvel)

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Here are the answers to our quiz from 10th November 2023 – how did you do?

1. At the beginning of Iron Man, Tony Stark is abducted while visiting which country?


2. Who plays Bruce Banner in The Incredible Hulk?

Edward Norton

3. In the Black Panther films, Wakanda is built on a meteorite made of which fictional metal?


4. Clint Barton is the alter-ego of which Avenger?


5. “Who’s strong and brave, here to save the American way?” What is the title of Captain America’s cheesy theme song when he’s entertaining the troops during World War II?

“Star Spangled Man”

6. What colour is Doctor Strange’s Eye of Agamotto, a.k.a. the Time Stone?


7. What is the name of Tony Stark’s A.I. assistant, voiced by Paul Bettany?


8. Which beloved children’s character appears in giant toy form in the finale of Ant-Man?

Thomas the Tank Engine

9. Born this week in 1968, who plays Justin Hammer in Iron Man 2?

Sam Rockwell

10. Which film features K’uk’ulkan, “the feather-serpent god”, as its antagonist?

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (he’s also called Namor)

11. Complete the MCU trilogy – Homecoming > Far From Home > …?

No Way Home – the subtitles of the MCU Spider-Man movies to date

12. Who provides the voice of Rocket Raccoon?

Bradley Cooper

13. In Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers is enrolled in which alien army: the Kree or the Skrulls?

The Kree

14. Which Doctor Who star plays Malekith the Accursed in Thor: The Dark World?

Christopher Eccleston

15. Michelle Yeoh plays different characters in two MCU films – name the films. (2 points)

She plays Aleta Ogord in Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2 and Ying Nan in Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings

16. Who plays Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame?

Josh Brolin

17. In the Guardians Of The Galaxy movies, “Come And Get Your Love” is a repeated Awesome Mix banger by which American rock band?


18. Who plays Reed Richards in Doctor Strange And The Multiverse Of Madness?

John Krasinski

19. What is the name of Thor’s Kronan warrior friend, voiced by Taika Waititi?


20. What specifically connects Steve Rogers, Erik Killmonger, Lord Krylar, and no other MCU characters?

Chris Evans, Michael B. Jordan, and Bill Murray have all played Johnny Storm, a.k.a. the Human Torch in non-MCU productions

21. Which 1939 film’s flying monkeys prompt Cap to say ‘I understood that reference’ in The Avengers?

The Wizard Of Oz

22. Released in 1980, which “old movie” inspires Spider-Man’s plan to take down Giant-Man in Captain America: Civil War?

The Empire Strikes Back

23. According to a memorable line from Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2, which character connects Julie Andrews, Emily Blunt, and Yondu?

Mary Poppins (“I’m Mary Poppins, y’all!”)

24. Which 1991 cop movie is Iron Man’s nickname for Thor?

Point Break

25. Which of Roger Moore’s James Bond movies does Black Widow rewatch in Black Widow?


26. In Eternals, a young boy compares Ikaris to which DC Comics superhero: Batman or Superman?


27. In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Nick Fury’s tombstone includes a quote from which other Samuel L Jackson film?

Pulp Fiction (“The path of the righteous man…” – Ezekiel 25:17)

28. Which Kevin Bacon movie does Star Lord insist is the greatest movie of all time?


29. In Avengers: Age Of Ultron, the title character quotes a song from which 1940 Disney animated film?


30. And finally, in Captain Marvel, serial cameo artist Stan Lee can be seen reading the screenplay for which 1990s comedy?

Mallrats, which also has a cracking Stan Lee cameo. Excelsior!

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