Quiz Answers: 5th November 2021 (One Quiz To Rule Them All)

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Here are the answers to our quiz from 5th November 2021 – how did you do?

1. Which detective does Kenneth Branagh play in Murder On The Orient Express?

Hercule Poirot

2. Born this week, who connects the films Galaxy Quest, Moon, and Jojo Rabbit?

Sam Rockwell

3. In which comedy-drama does Pete Postlethwaite play band conductor Danny Ormondroyd?

Brassed Off

4. The Grudge is an American remake of a horror film from which country?

Japan (specifically, 2002’s Ju-on: The Grudge)

5. Eternals is Chloe Zhao’s second film in UK cinemas this year – which Best Picture winner did she also direct?


6. Who plays child psychologist Malcolm Crowe in The Sixth Sense?

Bruce Willis

7. What title connects a violent thriller starring Dustin Hoffman and a 2011 remake starring James Marsden?

Straw Dogs

8. Which branch of the US military features prominently in Crimson Tide?

The US Navy (it’s largely set on a submarine)

9. Which epic Western has the tagline “24 Great Stars In The Mightiest Adventure Ever Filmed”?

How The West Was Won

10. Set on Bonfire Night, which British sci-fi film takes place on the fictional Wyndham Estate in South London?

Attack The Block

11. Which Fellowship actor is first billed in the cast credits but last in the alphabetical credits of all three films?

Elijah Wood

12. Complete the quote – “One does not simply walk into…”

“… Mordor.”

13. Who plays both Gimli and the voice of Treebeard throughout the trilogy?

John Rhys-Davies

14. What type of food is the Elvish lembas that Frodo and Sam take on their journey to Mount Doom?


15. Aside from Ian McKellen, which other Fellowship actor has played a mutant in the X-Men films?

Dominic Monaghan, who plays Merry Brandybuck and also appears in X-Men Origins: Wolverine

16. Gandalf provides the fireworks for Bilbo Baggins’s birthday party at the start of The Fellowship Of The Ring – how old is Bilbo?

111 – it’s his “eleventy-first” birthday

17. Who plays Théoden’s nephew Éomer in The Two Towers and The Return Of The King?

Karl Urban

18. What is the name of the wizard played by Christopher Lee?


19. In The Return Of The King, Gollum bites a ring finger off which of Frodo’s hands – left or right?

His left hand (We previously put right, but that was wrong – add or subtract digits from your score accordingly if you’ve come back to this!)

20. Which Fellowship actor later wrote and performed “The Last Goodbye” for the end credits of The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies?

Billy Boyd, who plays Peregrine “Pippin” Took

21. Who provides the voice of V in 2006’s V For Vendetta?

Hugo Weaving (oop, one more LOTR actor!)

22. What number goes before Brothers, Christmases, and Lions to make the titles of three movies?

4, as in 2005’s Four Brothers, 2008’s Four Christmases, and 2010’s Four Lions

23. Which 1996 disaster movie shares its name with a game that Bill and Ted play with Death in Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey?


24. “See you later, navigator” is the final line of which 1986 adventure movie?

Flight Of The Navigator

25. Which actor was born first – Stan Laurel or Oliver Hardy?

Stan Laurel, who was two years older

26. Whose Delivery Service is the subject of a 1989 Studio Ghibli film?

Kiki’s, as in Kiki’s Delivery Service

27. Whose film roles include the characters Gomez Addams, King John, and Apocalypse?

Oscar Isaac, in the animated Addams Family movies, 2010’s Robin Hood, and X-Men: Apocalypse, respectively

28. “Truly Scrumptious” is a song and character from which 1960s musical?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

29. Which 2015 crime movie stars Will Smith and Margot Robbie as con artists?


30. And finally, what connects a 1989 cop comedy starring Jim Belushi, a 2012 drama starring Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and a 2016 historical epic directed by Martin Scorsese?

They all share names with recurring characters from Doctor Who, namely K-9, The Master, and Silence

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