The Film Stories Quiz of the Year – 22 questions about 2022

Top Gun Maverick
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How well do you remember the films of 2022? Find out in our end-of-year film quiz, with a whole lot of questions to test you.


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2022 hasn’t been anything like business as usual for the film industry after the challenges of the last couple of years, but on the bright side, it’s the first 12-month stretch in a while where cinemas haven’t been forced to close. Accordingly, there have been a lot of new releases, both on the big screen and on streaming services, and a fair few big movie news stories too. And so, until Film Quiz Friday returns in 2023, enjoy this big film quiz all about the year that was.

There are 22 questions about this year in film, plus an extra-special bonus round. No prizes for full marks or a high score, but we hope you take pride in bragging rights. Once you’ve had a go, you’ll find a link to a separate post with the correct answers at the bottom of this page. Please do get in touch in the comments and let us know how you did (scores out of 32, this time!) and give us any other lovely feedback. See you next year!


ROUND ONE – Catch-2022

Here’s one last quiz for this year, covering everything from new cinema releases to streaming originals, as well as the occasional morsel of movie news…

Banshees Of Inisherin1. Which 2022 horror sequel shares a title with the 1996 original?

2. Which movie character had tea with Queen Elizabeth II at the Platinum Jubilee concert in June?

3. Whose 2022 film acting credits include After Yang, The Batman, and The Banshees Of Inisherin?

4. Notably missing a director’s credit when it was released in March, which TV comedy spin-off was billed “A Catherine Tate Film”?

5. In which country is the action comedy Bullet Train set?

6. Which Oscar category was Chris Rock presenting when he was slapped by Best Actor winner Will Smith at the 2022 Academy Awards?

7. Which Marvel movie brought together Jareds Leto and Harris?

8. Jean Jacket is a character in which sci-fi horror, released in August?

9. Who married Owen Wilson in February and Ben Affleck in July?

10. Which comedy sequel introduced Jasper, Dark Shark, and Poopies?

11. Director Joseph Kosinski had two movies out in 2022, Top Gun: Maverick and Spiderhead – which actor starred in both?

12. Celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, which James Bond film also features prominently in 2022’s true-story comedy The Duke?

13. Who plays assorted Evelyn Wangs in Everything Everywhere All At Once?

14. “Once you see it, it’s too late” is the tagline for which smash-hit 2022 horror film?

15. Whose 2022 film acting credits include Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, The Woman King, and Matilda: The Musical?

16. In the news! “The police rapidly figured out the whole plan and arrested all the criminals” – according to its Chinese streaming debut this year, which 1999 movie ends with this caption?

17. Complete the title of director Olivia Wilde’s latest feature – Don’t Worry

18. Which master of disaster directed the sci-fi extravaganza Moonfall?

19. Which music biopic featured the original song “The King And I” by Eminem and Cee Lo Green on its soundtrack?

20. Who plays almost all of the title characters in the horror film Men?

21. What title connects different 2022 films directed by Robert Zemeckis and Guillermo del Toro?

22. And finally, which of Dwayne Johnson’s hierarchy-changing contributions to the DC universe made the most money at the worldwide box office – Black Adam or DC League Of Super-Pets?


BONUS ROUND – The Top Five

Finally, there are up to 10 bonus points available in our bonus round, which concerns the biggest hits of the year at the UK box office…

Can you name any five of the top ten highest-grossing 2022 releases at the UK cinema box office this year? Please note, these are all films released in the UK from 1st January 2022 onwards, NOT including holdovers from 2021 like Spider-Man: No Way Home, which first appeared in last year’s top ten. All answers are correct as of 23rd December 2022.

Rules and scoring, then – you can pick up to five films and have 1 point for each correct answer that appears anywhere in the top ten, and that’ll get you up to 5 points.

However, if your five answers match the top five films, in any order, treat yourself to an additional 5 bonus points as well. You’ll find out how many points you’ve got by clicking through to the answers below…

Ready for the answers?

That’s the end of this week’s quiz – thank you to everyone who has played along this year and we look forward to bringing you more Film Quiz Fridays in the New Year. When you’re ready to check your answers, click here to get them (it’ll take you to another page) and let us know your scores in the comments below!


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