Annapurna Interactive buys porting specialist 24 Bit Games

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The South African studio 24 Bit Games, which ported Cocoon to consoles, has been acquired by Annapurna Interactive.

In a welcome break from endless news of games industry layoffs, the indie publisher Annapurna Interactive has announced that it has acquired the South African studio 24 Bit Games.

24 Bit Games specialises in porting: most recently, it ported the Annapurna-published Cocoon to PS4, PS5 and Switch. In the past, it has ported games like Neon White, Broforce and Maquette to console, some of which were published by Annapurna, and 24 Bit was also behind the mobile version of Terra Nil. In addition, the studio has acted as a co-developer on games like Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.

24 Bit Games ported the rapturously received Cocoon to consoles. Credit: Annapurna Interactive/Geometric Interactive

As reported by, 24 Bit CEO Luke Lamothe is full of praise for Annapurna Interactive. “We deeply respect Annapurna’s approach to curating a portfolio of great games, its value system around building and extending IP, and the company culture,” he said. “We have truly enjoyed working together over the years, and we believe we are joining Annapurna at an exciting moment of growth and expansion.”

24 Bit Games will carry on as a subsidiary of Annapurna Interactive, with no changes to the personnel at the company. reports that both companies have said they will “continue 24 Bit’s goal of supporting the South African game development scene”.

“We’re happy to have 24 Bit Games join the squad!!!”, the indie publisher said in a tweet. We’re wondering whether the studio will be helping Annapurna out with its first in-house project, the ambitious-sounding “cinematic 3D adventure” Blade Runner 2033 – perhaps with console ports and things like that. More on all this as we get it.

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