The Abyss: Special Edition 4K remaster is coming to cinemas

the abyss 4k cinemas
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James Cameron introduces the new 4K remaster of The Abyss Special Edition, bringing “big surprises not seen in the original” to cinemas.

Originally released in 1989, The Abyss has only grown in stature since its release, thanks to its tense storytelling, ground-breaking special effects, and extensive use of real underwater cinematography.

Almost 35 years since it first emerged, James Cameron has officially announced The Abyss: Special Edition, a 4K remaster of the sci-fi opus that, he says, will include “some big surprises not seen in the original released versions. It’s due to appear in cinemas on the 6th December.

The news of a wider release comes after a 4K version of the film – presumably, the same one the rest of us are getting – first screened as part of September’s Beyond Fest in Los Angeles. It reportedly ran to 171 minutes – the same duration as the Special Edition that director Cameron worked on after the release of Terminator 2. That version of The Abyss, some 16 minutes longer than the 145-minute theatrical cut, appeared in cinemas in 1993.

It’s unclear, then, what Cameron means by the ‘big surprises’ he talks about in his introductory clip, posted to Twitter/X. Is his new 4K remaster the same as the 1993 special edition – albeit much nicer to look at – or does it include one or two alternate/additional scenes? We’ll just have to wait and see.

The Abyss: Special Edition’s cinema re-run will presumably come ahead of a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray release, which Cameron has previously talked about, either late this year or at some point in 2024. We’ll keep you posted on the home release front as we get more information.

In the meantime, there’s a brand new poster and a trailer to promote that 4K cinema re-release (via LiveForFilm). Look corking, don’t they?

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