28 Years Later | Filming begins on Danny Boyle’s long-awaited sequel

28 Days Later
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Filming on 28 Years Later, which will kick start a new trilogy of films, has begun in the North East of England.  

After years of waiting for news on 28 Years Later, a belated sequel to one of the most influential horror thrillers of modern cinema, they don’t seem to stop. 

We reported just last week that 28 Years Later has been confirmed to hit screens in 2025 and now we can happily report that director Danny Boyle has got cameras rolling on the sequel. As reported by The Knowledge, Years is now filming in the North East of England, including Northumberland.

Alex Garland, who wrote the original 28 Days Later screenplay, is back on writing duties. 28 Years Later is supposed to kickstart a new trilogy of films and Nia DaCosta has been confirmed to helm the second one. 

The original 28 Days Later was a bit of a game changer when it came to the tried and trusted zombie subgenre of horror. 28 Days Later introduced us to the ‘Infected’, sort of feral versions of zombies whose bodies and brains have been ravaged by a highly contagious virus. Gone were George A. Romero’s slow-walking zombies, replaced by the much faster, wilder and, arguably, scarier infected hordes. 

Since the film’s release in 2002, more filmmakers adopted a similar approach for their films with the undead. You can see the influence of 28 Days Later in films like Zombieland, Dawn Of The Dead and Shaun Of The Dead and games such as The Last Of Us

The cast for 28 Years Later includes Ralph Fiennes, Jodie Comer and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Original 28 Days Later star Cillian Murphy publicly made himself “available” for a part in the film and has since been confirmed to be re-introduced in DaCosta’s film. The recent Oscar-winner is also executive producing the trilogy starter. 

28 Years Later is currently scheduled to be released on 20th June, 2025. We’ll keep you posted on more news on the project. 

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