A Score To Settle trailer: Nic Cage in a bad mood

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He’s thirsting for revenge, he’s dying, and he’s in a bad mood – here’s the trailer for A Score To Settle, starring Nicolas Cage.

The latest Nicolas Cage movie since the last one is A Score To Settle, that’s arriving on Monday in the UK via digital download, with a DVD release to follow on September 30th.

This time, he plays a man called Frank, who is paid to take a murder conviction. Before you can say Con Air, he’s imprisoned for longer than expected, and ends up serving 20 years, gradually building up a thirst for revenge. Oh, and he’s then diagnosed with a terminal illness, is released on compassionate grounds, and then has to decide what to do with his final days. I’m wagering it doesn’t involve going on a cruise, choosing DVDs in a garden centre or taking up knitting.

Here’s the trailer for the movie, and a synopsis follows underneath…

And here’s the synopsis…

After being paid-off to take a murder rap, Frank (Nicolas Cage) receives an unexpected life sentence and spends the next two decades locked behind bars festering a need for revenge. When he is given a diagnosis of a terminal illness, he is released from prison to live out his final days as a free man. Keeping his condition, a secret, Frank reunites with his estranged son Joey (Noah Le Gros). Their reunion is awkward because his son harbours resentment about being abandoned as a child. Frank tries to heal their relationship and they bond over expensive shopping trips and dinners, which are well beyond any legitimate means. Joey recognizes these extravagances are tied to Frank’s past and knows his father hasn’t changed. With Joey threating to leave, Frank is torn by the need to repair his relationship with his son and his need to exact vengeance against those who wronged him. When he discovers a truth withheld from him long ago, he races furiously against the ticking clock of his life, trying to expose lies from the past before it is too late. The choice between family, friendship, love and hate is no longer as clear as he once thought, and Frank is forced to face secrets he has spent years avoiding.

 Cage is joined by Noah Le Gros, Karolina Wydra, Mohamed Karim, Ian Tracey and Benjamin Bratt in the cast, with Shawn Ku directing.

Cage has six more films at various stages of post-production, so don’t worry if you’re not so keen on this one. Another will be along shortly.

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