A Welsh western needs your help

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Can you help bring an ambitious Welsh western to life? Details of The Legend Of Bryngolau right here.

Writer and director Amy Daniel is not someone short of ambition, and she’s in the midst of fundraising for her new venture. It’s a western set in Wales, described as a ‘short psychedelic film’.

It goes by the name The Legend Of Bryngolau, and it follows a wandering hippy by the name of Rick, who’s making his way through the Cambrian mountains on his bike. He stops for the night, gathers together the ingredients for a meal, and makes himself some wild mushroom stew. Events progress from that point.

Amy Daniel is in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign for her movie, and any funds left over from The Legend Of Bryngolau are going to go into developing her new feature, Julie.

You can get more information on what she’s up to, and contribute to the campaign, right here.




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