Adam Sandler/Josh Safdie baseball project still happening

Adam Sandler in Uncut Gems
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Adam Sandler and Josh Safdie’s follow-up to 2020’s Uncut Gems is still in the works, following several delays and setbacks.

Here’s a project that we’ve been reporting on for years now and whilst this story won’t confirm anything, it’s fresh news that claims that the movie is still alive. The movie in question is Josh Safdie’s untitled baseball film which will star Adam Sandler.

The project is one of interest because it will mark the pair’s next collaboration after 2020’s Uncut Gems, the nail-biting drama that was bought to us courtesy of Netflix and had audiences everywhere shifting uncomfortably in their seats for the majority of its runtime.

Last year’s strikes were the main culprit for this one not happening sooner. The film is said to focus around baseball and as such, needs to shoot during the sport’s season. Last year’s shutdown put paid to that, given that this is a Netflix project and nobody was acting or writing for major studios throughout most of 2023.

That’s not the only setback the project has faced either. Uncut Gems was co-directed by the Safdie Brothers but in the years since 2024, Benny Safdie’s acting career has continued to go from strength to strength and the demands on his time mean that he won’t be helming the film with his brother.

The decision between the pair to go their separate ways is believed to have been an amicable one and Benny has a co-writing credit on this project’s screenplay. Benny is also signed up to direct the Dwayne Johnson-starring MMA drama The Smashing Machine for A24.

According to World Of Reel, the collaboration between Sandler and Josh Safdie is still happening and in fact, it could even begin shooting in a couple of months says the outlet. The report states that we should hear an official announcement very soon.

Here’s the synopsis for the project which will once again see Sandler return to a dramatic role, something that we always relish given that when he does so in films like Punch Drunk Love and Uncut Gems, it’s usually worth the wait.

Set in the world of high-end sports card collecting in the 1990s, a retired Baseball pitcher (Affleck) attempts a comeback as a sports memorabilia agent (Sandler) attempts to capitalize on his success.

We don’t know if the supporting cast for this one is still in place given the delays that it has suffered but if so, it’s quite the ensemble. Ben Affleck, Steve Harvey, Megan Thee Stallion and Gael Garcia Bernal were all in place to feature at one point and we’re hoping that this is still the ensemble. If an official announcement does land soon, we’ll let you know.

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