Alien | Ridley Scott apparently working on his own TV series

Alien: Covenant which isn't Alien: Romulus
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An interesting development arises in the ongoing return of Alien to our screens: series regular, Ridley Scott is said to be developing his own long-form story.

Ever since the release of Alien: Covenant in 2017, the Alien franchise has been absent from our screens. Although it’s been clear that work has been going on in the background, things have taken their time, not least because the last few years have been rather tumultuous for in-development projects.

Considering that Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant remains largely unloved, there also seems to be a concerted effort to make sure that the next wave of Alien stories land with audiences, not least because the property is one of the undoubted jewels in the 20th Century Fox crown. You know, the one that Disney paid a whopping $71.3bn for back in 2019.

There are two Alien projects that we know of to date.

One is Fede Alvarez’s Alien: Romulus, a film which releases in August and looks to be making all of the right moves, whether that entails hiring a talented horror director or focusing on practical effects.

Then there’s Noah Hawley’s Alien TV series. That project really was affected by last year’s strikes but the last we heard on that front, it’s set to arrive early next year.

However, there could be another project on the way and according to Daniel Richtman (via World Of Reel), Ridley Scott is at the heart of it.

Admittedly, there’s not a lot to go on here but Richtman states that Scott is working on a different Alien series to Scott. The report also suggests that the filmmaker may even direct some of the episodes.

Just to be clear, as far as we know Scott has had no creative input into Hawley’s project although he is credited as an executive producer.

Ridley Scott is known for developing and juggling lots of projects so there’s every chance this story holds water, but the real question regards the state of the project’s development.

Despite being 86 years old, Scott continues to be very busy directing movies. Gladiator 2 is now in the can and apparently, it’s a Bee Gees biopic next. He has a few other projects lined up too so we’re not quite sure where this but who knows?

When we hear more concrete news on this front, we’ll let you know. Now that story this is out in the open, more news will surely follow and when it surfaces, we’ll cover it right here.

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