All Of Us Strangers finally confirmed for DVD and Blu-ray in the UK

all of us strangers trailer
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Finally: All Of Us Strangers, starring Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal, is finally getting a UK physical media release.

Earlier this year, as Fox Searchlight’s Oscar-attracting films were slowly being confirmed for a physical media release, there was one notable exception. That’d be Andrew Haigh’s extraordinary movie All Of Us Strangers, a film that’d received huge – and richly deserved – acclaim on its release, but was entirely snubbed by the Oscars. It got some BAFTA recognition, but for this particular writer, the film’s the best of the last year or so. The Beekeeper included.

All Of Us Strangers has, following its theatrical release, ended up on the Disney+ streaming service. Yet the word was that there were no plans to put the movie out on DVD and Blu-ray too. That was the rumour anyway (although one or two industry insiders backed that up for us). Now though, it might just be that somebody, somewhere, has had a very welcome change of heart.

All Of Us Strangers has now been announced for a DVD and Blu-ray release in the UK after all. We’ve got Elevation Sales to thank for this, and a release date of 17th June 2024 has been confirmed.

There’s not much in the way of extra features, but if you pick up the Blu-ray edition, you’ll be getting something. Two features are listed – Roots Of The Story and Building Adam’s World – but we’ve got no clues as to what they are or how long they run. Furthermore, there’s no 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray release of the film either.

Yet the Blu-ray is very, very worth picking up. Just to sweeten the deal, if you get the Blu-ray version, you also get an A3 poster thrown in as well.

Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal star in the film, and you can find more information – and order a copy – right here.

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