Andy Serkis confirmed to direct Venom 2

andy serkis in Black Panther
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Tom Hardy is back playing Venom, with Andy Serkis directing the upcoming sequel.

Appreciating that it’s become sport to some degree to take potshots at last year’s Venom movie, starring Tom Hardy, I’m very much on the side of those who really enjoyed it. Problems, sure, but it’s got a pulse, some ideas, and Hardy was very good value.

It came out around the time where I was just departing my previous job, where I watched every comic book movie I could find. For a few months I went the other way, and thus only got around to Venom and Aquaman fairly recently. And give me the former over the latter any day, ta.

Anyway: two paragraphs about me, and not enough about the film we’re here to talk about. That just won’t do.

Venom 2 is happening, then, although not with the original’s director Ruben Fleischer. Instead, as you probably picked up from the headline of this story, Andy Serkis has landed the job.

It’ll be his third movie as director, following Breathe and Mowgli: Legend Of The JungleBreathe in particular is really something special.

Kelly Marcel has penned the screenplay for the new film, and Sony is likely to want a 2020 release date.

More as we hear it.


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