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Austin Powers
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Mike Myers is set to play Austin Powers again, as Austin Powers 4 finally looks set to head towards the screen. More here.

Every since he walked off the screen as Austin Powers for the last time in 2002’s Austin Powers In Goldmember, Mike Myers has been fielding questions about a possible Austin Powers 4. Myers has taken on very, very few big screen roles in the last 20 years, but occasional rumblings have popped up about a new Austin Power adventure. Turns out, it might actually be happening.

Over at World Of Reel, it’s reporting that Austin Powers 4 has been developed in secret for at least the last year. The first three films were released by New Line Cinema, which has been entirely swallowed up by Warner Bros now. Warner Bros will this be backing the new film.

Jay Roach, the director of the original trilogy, is said to be back on board. Mike Myers is set to play Austin of course, as well as his deadly-ish nemesis Doctor Evil. He’s presumably writing the script too. The loss of Vern Troyer a few years ago means that Mini Me is set to be absent from the new film.

Nothing official has come out about this as of yet, but it’s sounding like it’s finally going to be happening. Given the secrecy around Austin Powers 4, there’s no word on plot or timelines for the minute, but as soon as it’s ready to go, Warner Bros will be getting cheques written. This is one film the studio is unlikely to delete, too.

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more. Myer is also linked with reprising the voice of Shrek in the proposed Shrek 5 as well. He just needs to get Wayne’s World 3 moving to potentially complete the set here. Don’t hold your breath there, though…

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