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Alberto Corredor’s directorial debut, the supernatural horror film Baghead, is now out on digital, DVD and Blu-ray. 

Based on his short film of the same name, Alberto Corredor’s Baghead follows a young woman who inherits a pub in Berlin. She discovers a disturbing entity, the titular Baghead, in the basement. Baghead has the ability to bring the dead back for a wee chat, but unfortunately, there are terrifying consequences as there usually is with these things. 

The film stars The Witcher’s Freya Allan in the lead role. She is joined by Jeremy Irvine, Ruby Barker, Peter Mullan, Saffron Burrows and Julika Jenkins in the cast. 

The film marks Allan’s first feature film lead role, but Allan will next be seen in Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes as the human character that forms a connection with Noa, Owen Teague’s ape protagonist. 

Baghead originally debuted in cinemas in January and the film is now available digitally on all major retailers, like your Prime Videos, Microsoft Stores and so on. 

You can also order the film on DVD or Blu-Ray right here, if you so choose. 

Baghead is only one of the many horror films we’ve been treated to this year. Immaculate, Late Night With The Devil and The First Omen are all in cinemas currently and we still have The Crow, Abigail and Alien: Romulus to look forward to. 

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