British movie podcast of the week: The HD Movie Podcast

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Our movie podcast recommendation of the week? It’s The HD Movie Podcast – and there’s a mix of great and not great movies to talk about.

Most movie podcasts choose a niche to help them stand out in the Atlantic Ocean-sized podcasting pond. It may be focusing on a certain genre, a certain year or a certain quality of film. This week’s British movie podcast recommendation doesn’t discriminate on any of those things. In fact, as far as The HD Movie Podcast is concerned, it’s any genre, any year and any quality. This means nothing is off limits, and this also means a super fun podcast!

Hosts Hayley Alice Roberts and Darren Gaskell met at a film festival and starting vlogging events. Like most, they were hampered by the Coronavirus lockdowns but still wanted to produce content based around their love of film. In December 2020, The HD Movie Podcast was started, and has gone from strength to strength since then.

Both Darren and Hayley share responsibilities of podcast management, with Darren helming Twitter, Facebook and the post-production, and Hayley producing the episode art and running the Instagram feed. The teamwork behind the scenes translates to in front of the mic, too. A podcast about films of any genre, any year and any quality needs two hosts at the top of their game to steer this ship effectively. This is a great nautical segue, as they’re currently in the middle of a themed mini-series on shark movies. Notable recent entries include Jaws: The Revenge and Sharknado 4.

When they said “any quality”, they really meant it!

We hasten to add, though, that The HD Movie Podcast isn’t a podcast just about bad movies. They have some great movies in their line-up too, including classics like Die Hard and Jaws. There really is something for every taste and every genre. The recommended episode below, while they admit to not being completely representative of their usual episodic structure, is a fascinating insight into the Mandela Effect, and how that pertains to a certain ’90s genie movie that most people think exists, but actually doesn’t. What it is representative of though, is Darren and Hayley’s rapport, easy co-hosting technique and professionalism.

The “HD” in The HD Movie Podcast stands for Hayley and Darren, but it also stands for High Definition. Definition, as defined in the dictionary, is “the action or the power of describing, explaining”, or “making definite and clear; the degree of distinctness in outline of an object, image, or sound”. Really, The HD Movie Podcast is the perfect polysemic name for this truly terrific movie podcast.

Recommended episode: Episode 61 – Kazaam… and the Mandela Effect – (19 May 2022) – 

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