What have you been watching: start of August 2022 edition (chat post)

Duffy from Casualty
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A place to chat about what you’ve been watching over the last week or two – please keep conversations civil and polite, thank you.

One of the ridiculously ambitious things we’ve tried to do with Film Stories since it was started is slowly build up a friendly community for people to chat about stuff without fear of the worst sides of the internet making themselves known. We’re very lucky and grateful to have had the support of a growing bunch of readers who keep our comments section civilised and human. It’s very much appreciated.

One suggestion that we had was to open up a post to allow basically a free space for people to natter about what they’ve seen. A general post, and for want of a better way to put it, a bit more of a free for all. We’re now up to post 14. Welcome!  The last one is here.

Basically, there’s nothing to read up here, and instead, the chat is (hopefully) taking place in the comments below. Please keep it civil, please keep it kind. And be excellent to each other.

Image:: Duffy from Casualty, nor the BBC, endorse this post.

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