Chip’ n Dale: Rescue Rangers writer chats about sequel possibilities

Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers
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Disney’s newly-released meta take on the beloved 1990s cartoon, Chip n’ Dale has been charming audiences, and a follow-up could happen at some point.

Chip’ n Dale: Rescue Rangers, the meta-reworking of the 1990s cartoon, released recently on Disney+ and is a fun Who Framed Roger Rabbit-style take on the classic cartoon characters. In it, Chip and Dale are real-life (chipmunk) actors, but also now washed-up celebrities in need of a reboot. Talented comedians lead the way here with Andy Samberg starring as Dale alongside John Mulaney playing Chip and there’s some really fun references to all kinds of other movie characters and films for you to geek out over. You can catch our review here.

The film’s writer, Doug Mand has been discussing the possibility of a sequel and it sounds like we could be in luck, as long as the viewing algorithms are ticking away nicely on Disney’s streaming platform.

“In terms of the world, yes. I would say that, and not just a shameless writer, cash grab or whatever, we think that there is a lot more to tell in the world that we’ve started to play in this movie”, he said. “And that we’ve kind of only scratched the surface in both characters that we want to explore and stories for the characters that are currently in the movie. There’s more to be said if the public likes the movie and Disney has an appetite for it. We do have ideas. And we do think that there’s ways to keep digging at some of these themes, through different avenues.”

If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can watch the film right now on Disney+. The original series is on there too, if you fancy rocking out to one of the best Saturday morning cartoon theme tunes of the 1990s.

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