Cliffhanger 2 shoots next summer

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Sylvester Stallone will return to the top of the mountain in 2024 for Cliffhanger 2. More on the sequel here:

Earlier this year, before the Hollywood strikes sent the world of film production into a chaotic tailspin, we heard that Sylvester Stallone would be making a follow-up to his 1993 hit, Cliffhanger.

The film still ranks as one of Stallone’s best action movies and is remembered fondly. Greenland’s Ric Roman Waugh signed on to direct, the talk was of a Top Gun: Maverick-style legacy sequel – and it all sounded pretty interesting.

Fast forward to a post-strike world, and the project is thankfully still alive – although a few changes have taken place.

Waugh is no longer on the project and has, as reported by Screen Daily, been replaced by Plane director, Jean-Francois Richet. The project is truly international given that it’s a British/German co-production with an American movie star headlining, not to mention also having a French director attached.

Here’s the synopsis:

‘Gabe [Stallone] is now living in the Dolomites where he runs an exclusive mountain lodge. When Gabe and a high-profile client are taken hostage during an adventurous weekend trip, his daughter has to use all her climbing skills to outwit the kidnappers, triggering a battle of life and death.’

We’ve no doubt that Stallone will be in prime mountain-climbing shape when production begins, even if he will be 78 by that point.

The original film was directed by Renny Harlin, who isn’t involved in the follow-up. Nor is the independent production powerhouse Carolco. Cliffhanger sparked a 90s career revival for Stallone, helped by the fact that he quickly followed the film up with Demolition Man. There had been talk of a sequel to that film too, but it seemed to quieten down in the end.

We’ll bring you more on Cliffhanger 2 as we hear it.

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