Colin From Accounts season 2 | First trailer lands

Colin From Accounts title card
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The delightful Colin From Accounts is back for season 2, and the first trailer has landed. It’s right here, in fact.

Colin From Accounts was one of the most wonderful surprises of 2022. Written by and starring real life husband and wife Harriet Dyer and Patrick Brammall, the warm hearted Australian sitcom follows the story of Gordon and Ashley, who meet when she flashes him while she’s crossing the street, causing him to lose concentration and run over a dog.

Deciding to care for him rather than have him put down, the two gradually get to know and, eventually, like each other while looking after the dog they call Colin From Accounts.

The synopsis for series 2 reads as follows:

After Gordon (Brammall) and Ashley (Dyer) are brought together in season one by a spontaneous nipple flash and the subsequent accident that injured the titular (no pun intended) dog, season two of the hit series opens with Ash and Gordon now living together and trying to get their beloved, special needs dog, Colin, back from his new owners. It’s the first in a series of hurdles for the new couple, as they find out more about each other, for better and worse.

Returning alongside Dyer and Brammell are Emma Harvie, Genevieve Hegney, Michael Logo, Helen Thomson, Darren Gilshenan, Annie Maynard, Tai Haraand Glenn Hazeldine.

New cast members include Celeste Barber, Virginia Gay, Justin Rosniak, John Howard, Lynne Porteus and Broden Kelly.

Trent O’Donnell returns as director, with other episodes helmed by Robyn Butler, Wayne Hope, and Madeleine Dyer

Having filmed late last year, Colin From Accounts season 2 will be broadcast on BBC Two, though no date has been confirmed. You can watch the first series on BBC iPlayer. You can also watch No Activity, an earlier sitcom written and directed by O’Donnell and starring Dyer and Brammell on the same service.

Watch the trailer below:

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