Conspiracy thriller The Awakening adds Peter Stormare, Steven Berkoff and Matt Hookings

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Peter Stormare, Steven Berkoff and Matt Hookings have joined The Awakening, a new conspiracy thriller currently in the works. 

Filmmaker and self-described kung fu film enthusiast Matt Routledge is preparing to direct The Awakening, a conspiracy thriller currently in development from Camelot Media. 

The film will follow Justin Tinto’s character who discovers a global conspiracy and sets out to awaken the world, as reported by Screen Daily. Peter Stormare, Steven Berkoff, Julian Glover and Matt Hookings also star in the film. Hookings and Tim Kent are on producing duties. 

Tinto commented on the film, saying The Awakening aims to deliver a “message about the importance of critical thinking and the dangers of believing everything you read or hear.”

Shooting is set to take place at Pinewood Studios after pre-production is completed. The film has been financed completely independently. 

The Lost Book Of Creation, another Camelot Media production, is also set to shoot later this year. That one will be a part of a trilogy. 

It’s been a while since we got a decent conspiracy theory thriller, so The Awakening gives something to look forward to for fans of the genre. Routledge is also a stunt coordinator and performer so if The Awakening will include any action, we’ll be in good hands. 

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