Thor: Love And Thunder | “I became a parody of myself” says Chris Hemsworth

Natalie Portman and Jane Foster and Chris Hemsworth as Thor in Thor: Love And Thunder
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Chris Hemsworth has expressed his disappointment at Thor: Love And Thunder, and there are hints that he may reprise the Thor role one more time.

Released in 2022, Thor: Love And Thunder didn’t do too badly for Marvel Studios – in fact, compared to 2023 offerings Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania and The Marvels, its $760m box office sounds downright rosy.

One person who wasn’t entirely happy with the superhero sequel, though – or at least his performance in it – was its star, Chris Hemsworth. Less than two years after Love And Thunder emerged in cinemas, Hemsworth has suggested he “didn’t stick the landing.”

Hemsworth’s comments have emerged in a glossy feature for Vanity Fair magazine – one of those pieces where the actor’s interviewed in their home surroundings with the words accompanied by pictures of them relaxing in baggy jumpers and cardigans.

Timed to coincide with the marketing build-up for Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, Hemsworth reflected on his Marvel stardom, a back injury he sustained during the making of the Netflix action sequel Extraction 2, and his desire to branch out into more dramatic roles that rely less heavily on a gym membership.

More relevant to this news post, though, is the bit about Love And Thunder, a film Hemsworth seems so disappointed in that the article’s writer suggests he “thinks he owes the audience another Thor“.

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“I got caught up in the improv and the wackiness, and I became a parody of myself,” Hemsworth said. “I didn’t stick the landing.”

Thor: Love And Thunder received positive if not ecstatic reviews in 2022 – we gave it four stars – though it’s perhaps telling that Taika Waititi, who directed both that film and its predecessor Thor: Ragnarok – has since ruled himself out of making a fifth film in the series.

Waititi has also stated that he “had no interest” in the Thor character or making a film adaptation based on him before Marvel offered him the directing gig – which is the sort of thing you’d say if you never wanted to work on a franchise again.

There’s still the possibility that Hemsworth will star in at least one more Thor film, then, just with a bit less zany comedy than we saw in Love And Thunder.

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, in which Chris Hemsworth plays the villain Dementus, is out in UK cinemas on the 24th May.

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