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coyote vs acme
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A new report spills a few details on the ongoing moves behind the scenes as Warner Bros hovers its finger threateningly over Coyote Vs Acme’s ‘delete button’.

A couple of weeks ago, we covered the widely-circulated story that Warner Bros’ Coyote vs. Acme may have avoided the same sad fate as Batgirl and Scoob! Holiday Haunt .

By ‘sad fate’ of course, we mean the tireless work of lots of creative people getting deleted by Warner Bros as part of a tax write-off. When the studio announced it would be doing the same thing again with its live action/animation hybrid project, Coyote vs. Acme, things swiftly tuned ugly, at least according to accounts that you’ve likely seen in the trades.

Filmmakers across the board reportedly cancelled scheduled meetings with Warner Bros and one unnamed filmmaker told Deadline: “We have a project over at Warners in development. We’re so not pursuing active development until the studio is sold. God, knows what will happen to projects in development.”

Facing something of a mutiny, Warner Bros quickly backtracked and announced that it was looking instead to sell the film.

That was a couple of weeks ago, and Deadline has now compiled a brief report which looks at that process. According to the outlet, Netflix and Paramount have both made bids for the film while Sony and Apple have seen it and declined the opportunity.

Amazon is the deep-pocketed disruptor in the room, with the studio reportedly mulling a bid which could yet drive the price up. Warner Bros is said to be looking for a premium figure that exceeds the $70m the film is said to have cost, and like some serial republic villain, is holding its finger over the ‘delete’ button threateningly until it gets its way. That’s where things stand right now but there’s sure to be more news imminently.

We’ll bring you any more updates as we hear them.

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