Deadpool 3 resumes filming in the UK

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One of the highest-profile projects to fall foul of the SAG-AFTRA strikes is back up and running once again, as Deadpool 3 resumes filming.

While the actors’ strike was still happening last month, one of the last blockbuster projects to finally announce a delay was next year’s Deadpool 3. The third outing for Ryan Reynolds’ popular Merc with a Mouth has MCU fans hyped, not only because Deadpool is a beloved character but also because Hugh Jackman is set to return to the spandex for one more outing as Wolverine.

And we do mean spandex, or as close to it as we’ve ever seen the Wolverine character go. The one production still we’ve seen so far has Jackman in the classic yellow and blue costume that Wolverine sports in the comic books.

It’s just one reason why the whole enterprise looks like it could be a riot of laughs, along with reports of oddball cameos and the highly-anticipated ‘odd couple’ dynamic between Reynolds and Jackman, a concept that just oozes entertainment potential.

Thankfully, when the expected delay came, it was only by a couple of months, meaning that we’ll get the film in July of next year. It’s also the only Marvel Studios movie that will be arriving in 2024, giving the studio’s portfolio a much-needed rest.

It will be good news to everyone then (not least UK crew members) that the film is now back up and running. Marvel Studios executive Wendy Jacobson took to Instagram to post: “This Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for the gifts of being back at work and watching the sun rise from set today.”

It’s taken just two weeks to get the mammoth production up and running again, and hopefully, things will run pretty smoothly from this point forwards. Happy Thanksgiving to any of our readers that celebrate it (which probably also explains why it’s such a slow news day today). We’ll bring you more on Deadpool 3 as we hear it.

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