Disney closes down Fox 2000, days after Fox takeover completes

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The first impact of Disney’s takeover of Fox is being felt, with the closure of a major Fox division.


The takeover of Fox by Disney may in some quarters have been reduced to a narrative about which X-Men characters are going to turn up in Marvel films, but for 4000 employees around the world, there’s a slightly different story to tell.

For earlier this week, just after the merger was complete, the process of laying off employees formally began. And in an unexpected move, it’s now been revealed that Disney is closing down the entire Fox 2000 division.

This is the part of the Fox empire that’s focused primarily on book adaptations, and recent successes have included Love Simon, The Hate U Give, Hidden Figures, Diary Of A Wimpy Kid and Life Of Pi.

The final film under the Fox 2000 banner will be The Woman In The Window, directed by Joe Wright.

Whether Disney plans to amalgamate the kind of projects Fox 2000 was pursuing elsewhere in its empire remains to be seen.

To the 4000 people who find themselves jobhunting, our thoughts and very best wishes.

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