Disney is rebooting Home Alone, Night At The Museum, Wimpy Kid and more

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Disney starts raiding the Fox catalogue for its Disney+ service.

It’s no secret that Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox assets was in large part due to it wanting fuel for its upcoming Disney+ streaming service. Said service launched in the US this year, and Disney is raiding the Fox catalogue for projects to fire in its direction.

Now, Disney boss Robert Iger has confirmed that Fox hits Home Alone, Cheaper By The Dozen, Night At The Museum and Diary Of A Wimpy Kid are all set to be rebooted or reimagined in new productions for Disney+.

Collider is reporting that of those projects, it’s a possible Home Alone reboot that’s furthest along, with the plot there potentially seeing a husband and wife doing battle with a young boy who’s nicked something off them. No burglars in this one, it seems, and Borat writer Dan Mazer is potentially in line to direct, with Melissa McCarthy linked to the cast. This is all not confirmed, we should add.

No word yet on when Disney+ is released in the UK, but don’t expect to be waiting too long. Furthermore, expect the above reboots to be heading into production over the coming year.


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