All continues to not be well in the Fast & Furious family

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Tyrese Gibson and Michelle Rodriguez have both responded on social media to matters relating to Hobbs & Shaw.

Please note: a spoiler lies ahead for a plot development that happened earlier in the Fast & Furious movie series.

In the land of Fast & Furious movies, family is key. That’s always been the mantra that the films tried to get across (with various degrees of clunk), and that was always the feeling that came from the ensemble cast.

Well, until Dwayne Johnson came alone.

If you’re unfamiliar with the story, Johnson aimed ire at series star Vin Diesel during the production of Fast & Furious 8, and whilst the pair seemed to make up, there were divisions.

Then came the news of spin-off film Hobbs & Shaw, that opened this weekend past, which led to Tyrese Gibson slammed Johnson (metaphorically).

On the one hand, Michelle Rodriguez – who has been critical of the way female characters have been represented in the franchise (and not unreasonably) – responded to an interview from screenwriter Chris Morgan over the fate of the character of Han.

Note there’s a spoiler for the franchise in the following Tweet…

Rodriguez did add the following, and didn’t appear to be trying to stoke any fires…

Tyrese Gibson, though, went on something of an Instagram rant that he subsequently deleted.

He took aim at the new spin-off’s box office opening, which is the lowest of late for the series, but impressive for a spin-off.

He wrote – in a post that was captured by Movieweb – that “Breaking up the family clearly doesn’t have the value that one would assume it does. ‘Hobbs & Shaw’ Has Lowest ‘Fast & Furious’ Box Office Opening Since ‘Tokyo Drift… You know what maybe just maybe… The Rock and the crew will come dance with us again for #Fast10 we can all hug it out and get back to giving the true fans who have supported this franchise for 20 years what they want……..No hating I’m just pointing out the facts”

Gibson is currently part of the ensemble for Fast & Furious 9, that’s filming now without the involvement of Dwayne Johnson.

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