Now You See Me 3 | Dominic Sessa, Justice Smith and Ariana Greenblatt join sequel

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Now You See Me 3 is gearing up to roll cameras this year and Dominic Sessa, Justice Smith and Ariana Greenblatt have joined the cast. 

Now You See Me 3 is coming out way sooner rather than later as Jesse Eisenberg confirmed that cameras would roll sometime this year. The sequel has been in the works for years, but it seems that it’s truly happening now. 

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Justice Smith, Dominic Sessa and Ariana Greenblatt have joined the ensemble cast. Their roles, like the film’s plot, is still being kept under wraps, but one would imagine they might play a new generation of magicians. 

Eisenberg seems to be on board and the previous films’ cast, Dave Franco, Isla Fisher, Woody Harrelson and Morgan Freeman are also expected to reprise their roles, but this hasn’t been officially confirmed yet. 

Now You See Me 3 will be released by Lionsgate. Eric Warren Singer, Seth Grahame-Smith and Mike Lesslie have penned the script, while Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer is set to direct. 

Now You See Me was released in 2013 to mixed reviews, but the film was a box office hit, spawning a sequel in 2016, Now You See Me 2. The sequel also garnered mixed reviews, but once again, the film did very well with audiences. 

Discussion about a third film started as early as 2015, before the release of the first sequel, but it’s taken several years to get the film off the ground. Benedict Cumberbatch was rumoured to be attached to the project at one stage, but has now moved on, it seems. 

Smith was last seen in last year’s riotous Dungeons And Dragons: Honour Among Thieves and will also headline The American Society Of American Negroes, which is set for UK release on the 26th April. 

Sessa was the breakout star of The Holdovers while Greenblatt has been seen in Ahsoka, Barbie, 65 and will also star in Eli Roth’s Borderlands film alongside Kevin Hart and Cate Blanchett. 

Now You See Me 3 is still quite far away from any kind of release date announcement or speculation, but let’s hope it’s soon. 

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