Jason Statham to reunite with The Beekeeper director for Levon’s Trade

Jason Statham
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David Ayer will direct Jason Statham again in Levon’s Trade – which has script work from Sylvester Stallone.

Riding high off the success of early 2024 hit The Beekeeper – and you can read more on that here – are star/producer Jason Statham and director David Ayer. And the pair have wasted little time identifying the project that want to work together on next.

Jason Statham will take the lead in Levon’s Trade, a film that’s been penned by Sylvester Stallone from a novel by Chuck Dixon. David Ayer has also worked on the screenplay, and will direct the film too.

Furthermore, a deal has just been done with Amazon MGM, who will distribute the film in the US. We don’t know who’s picked up UK rights yet.

We do have an idea what the film is about, though. The Statham has a proper action movie character name in it for a start, playing Levon Cade. Which also, handily, rhymes with the title Levon’s Trade.

In a plot that sounds not far away from The Beekeeper, just with a significant bee reduction, Levon Cade is a man who has a black ops background, yet is keen to leave all that behind. In this case, he just wants a nice construction job, where he can take home a salary and be a respectable father to his daughter.

Thing is – you’ll never guess – he gets dragged back into his old way of life.

The movie, just as with The Beekeeper, will shoot in the UK starting in the spring.

Sylvester Stallone is producing, along with Jason Statham and David Ayer. Wouldn’t be surprised too to see the movie adopt a similar space in the release calendar to The Beekeeper. Still, no release date has thus far been announced, but we’ll be letting you know as soon as we hear one.

Until then, The Beekeeper is still playing in cinemas.

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