Disney+: new streaming service won’t be launching in the UK anytime soon

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As Disney announces release date around the world for its Disney+ streaming service, the UK has thus far been left off the list.

In November, Disney unleashes its big gamble into the world. That’s when it launches its Netflix rival, Disney+, the service that led to it buying 21st Century Fox, and all of its back catalogue of material. It promises to be quite a battle of streaming giants.

Curiously, though, the UK has been left off the initial launch list. More than that, it’s been left off the secondary launch list too.

The service goes live in the US on November 12th, as well as Canada and the Netherlands. Then, a week later, it’ll be unleashed in Australia and New Zealand. Beyond that, there’s just a vague announcement that the service will launch “in most major markets within the first two years”.

Still, it’s now a fair bet that we won’t be seeing Disney+ in the UK at least until next year. Possibly even longer than that.

UPDATE: An earlier version of this article stated that Disney owned Sky. This was incorrect, and the line has been removed.

More news as we get it. But no sign of that news at the moment.

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