Disney+ viewers reporting more changes to Star Wars

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Disney+ has launched in the US with 4K upgrades of all the Star Wars films – and it looks like a few more changes too.

One of the pleasant surprises for many early adopters of the Disney+ streaming service in the US has been the amount of 4K material available. While much of that was launched unannounced, and came as a bonus for anyone shelling out for the latest in a slew of streaming services, fans of Star Wars have been eagerly awaiting the release of UHD and HDR compatible versions of the Classic and Prequel trilogies for some time now. Pleasingly, they duly appeared among the other films and TV shows on Disney+  launch day.

Given the way that the Star Wars movies have been tinkered with over the years, any new versions of the films are viewed intently. So, it’s unsurprising that, shortly after the service went live, Tweets began to appear outlining in broad strokes that these new releases were upgraded version of the 2011 Blu-ray releases with some notable colour correction work.

However, quickly, reports began to surface of further changes to A New Hope. Specifically, attention was focused on the – you guessed it – controversial alterations to the Han/Greedo Cantina scene that the 1997 Special Editions introduced.

While the new 4K version stops short of reversing George Lucas’ decision to have Greedo shoot at Han first, a change in timing now apparently sees the two adversaries fire simultaneously.

The same account then delivered a little more detail.

The first of these changes was quickly jumped on by MST3K writer Eric Fell (@ericfell), who noted his belief that Greedo final words were now “Maclunky”, and claimed that it wasn’t the only time that dialogue appeared in the new 19SE – as they are being dubbed – versions.

There’s little doubt that more changes will come to light over the coming days as get their chance to pour over the movies frame by frame at their leisure.

We’ll report anything of significant note, but we’ll have to wait until Disney+ launches in the UK in the new year to watch them for ourselves.

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